One day at a time.

There are days when it’s just so hard to leave your safe comfort zone and move. The prospect of seeing human beings is scarier than than the scariest rollercoaster ride. But then, you somehow muster up the will to GET UP AND GET GOING. It helps you get out of that dangerously dark zone for sure, does not matter for how long – but it does.

That was yesterday. I got dressed, went out with the closest one, treated myself with my comfort food and met friends. Played some games, had some beers, got back to the bed. Out of that zone.

I have a good week ahead. A really nice week. A really nice life.


Closer to heaven.

Oh, what is this.. is that a smile on my face? hehe.. yeah. Just smiled and felt the need to share it with you, dear reader. What happened? Well, I was just scrolling through my blog posts and stumbled upon this post written an year ago, almost exactly. It’s called “The Concept Of Heaven“. I had to read it, of course I could not recall what it was about. So I read it and there it was – my dream, which is coming true. Closer to heaven.

I should.

These days I don’t remember who said it to me. You know, there are times when you are just sitting, doing nothing constructively distracting and suddenly that thing pops up in your head – that thing they said. It is a significant thing for you, it means something for you….you want to hold on to it, but you don’t know who said it.

I just remembered one such thing and I can’t remember who all said this one thing to me at different times, “you should write.”

Feeling good today

It’s a good day. After a long time, I did not wake up with anxiety. Such a relief, I want this to go on forever. Breathe in, hold, breath out. Repeat!

It’s been raining on and off. Thankfully no flood like situation in my city.

And after a while, I liked my reflection too.



5:40 pm, 9th August 2019

A little message from a real dear friend cheered me up today, it’s such a pleasant feeling being remembered by a friend. I shared my piece of news with her and she was thrilled for me. Now, that is the magic of friendship. You have someone who is genuinely happy for you because they know how badly you needed this thing.

What’s the point of happiness if it can’t be shared with people you shared your pain with?

A failed attempt but an attempt nevertheless.

Skipping the gym, applied the face pack, binge watching How I Met Your Mother, met mom dad yesterday and meeting them again tomorrow. Well, I feel thankful.

Woke up uneasy again though, tried Gratitude again….somehow did not work today, I could not focus. Well, at least I tried. One day I will wake up and smile, kiss this guy back.. the one who’s been kissing me without fail no matter how grumpy I am. One day, he will be loved.

Mind your own sweet business.

It’s not like I have been doing it, but I have sort of accepted and realized that there is just no point in worrying. Time is the biggest thing. Leave it to God with complete trust and belief.

Thanks (no thanks!) to an overdose of social media, we somehow tend to compare our life, our lifestyle, our happiness, our success, our failures with others. When in fact, it may not always be a facade but most often it is definitely not the complete picture of their life. So stop comparing.

Stop worrying, stop comparing. Stop looking at another person’s life.

“Mind your own business” is most relevant in this day and age.

Be back with more.